Raspberry Pi market situation and availability in 2022 for industry

A customer asked me about the availability of Raspberry Pis for his industrial design-ins (in this case, the company makes fire alarm systems). Since this is a recurring question, I promised him to write a blog post. (Which the following video is also based on :-)) Basic information about the industrial Raspberry Pi availability in…

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CircuitPython, Adafruit Feather RP2040 and I2C

The RP2040 has two I2C controllers – good for example, when you want to run two I2C devices with the same I2C address. In my test setup, I have an Adafruit Feather RP2040 microcontroller board, and have attached two of our BME688 breakout boards – one using the pins SCL + SDA and one using…

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PiCockpit on Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye

PiCockpit Logo

Update 7.1.2022 (final fix) I have now released two separate packages on our normal repository for both bullseye and buster. Our install script should automatically choose which repository you can use. In order to install picockpit-client on both Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye and Raspberry Pi OS Buster please simply run the following command on your…

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