PiCockpit Help

What can I use PiCockpit for on the Raspberry Pi?

We currently have six apps you’ll be able to use once you have set up PiCockpit:

  • PiControl: control your Raspberry Pi using buttons in the PiCockpit web-interface. Read more about PiControl (includes a sample how to create your own commands)
  • PiDoctor: test your Raspberry Pi, find out where it was manufactured, whether the power supply is strong enough, etc.
  • PiStats: live statistics / monitoring of your core Raspberry Pi vital parameters (SoC temperature, RAM usage, CPU load, etc.)
  • GPIO: control and read GPIO pins. Includes a SoftwarePWM capability (dim LEDs!)
  • BME688 AirMeter: monitor air quality, pressure, temperature, humidity and more with BME688 sensors or BME680 sensors
  • CO2 Sensor: monitor CO2 concentration, temperature and pressure with the EE895 CO2 sensor
  • NEW in v2.2: BME688DigitalNose: detect different smell patterns with the Bosch BME688 Sensor and AI technology

Watch this video to get a guided tour of what is inside PiCockpit right now, or read the transcript here:

Table of Contents


Full Size Raspberry Pi (Zero, 400, 1, 2, 3, 4, ect): You need to create an API key, and install the picockpit-client on any Raspberry Pi you want to connect to your Raspberry Pi. Please follow the instructions on this page: Installation of PiCockpit.

Raspberry Pi Pico: To install a Raspberry Pi Pico W look here.

My Raspberry Pis overview screen

The My Pis overview screen shows you your Raspberry Pi at a glance:

  • Raspberry Pi model
  • Raspberry Pi Serial number
  • public and private IP addresses
PiCockpit My Pis Screen shows your Raspberry Pis public and private IP addresses
Raspberry Pi public and private IP addresses

Click on the heartbeat icon to change the view to vital statistics:

The heartbeat icon opens up the statistics view

You can also Ctrl + Click on the heartbeat and info icons to change the view of all Raspberry Pis at once.

Quick PiCockpit tips

Using the Actions menu you can rename or delete your Raspberry Pi, or see the app overview (“View Pi Details”).

The action menu allows you to rename your pi, delete it, and view its details.

Click on the icon or title of the Raspberry Pi to see the app overview for this particular Raspberry Pi:

App overview for individual Raspberry Pi

PiCockpit app overview
The PiCockpit application overview
Additional new apps since v2.1 of PiCockpit

App documentation

Access the detailed help pages for the individual Apps, to learn more about them:


Please have a look at these troubleshooting guides for PiCockpit:

Contact & Support

If you have questions or suggestions, or want to inquire about pricing for a bigger number of Raspberry Pis, please contact us using the linked form.

We’re also here to support you, if you run into trouble using PiCockpit! Please help us help you, by reading through all the information available in this help area, thank you 🙂


You can add up to five Pis free of charge to PiCockpit.com.

Support the development of PiCockpit by shopping with buyzero.de

Raspi Berry’s useful tips for Raspberry Pi beginners


How much does PiCockpit cost beyond the 5 free Pis?

Anything beyond 5 Pis must be enabled manually at the moment. Therefore we are currently able to offer you a package of up to 50 Pis in your account for 50 € (excluding VAT) per month. The fee will be charged on a recurring yearly base ( 600 € per year excluding VAT), minimum subscription duration is for a year.

Please contact us if you are interested.

The price will be the same for a lower amount of Pis (your account will be enabled to have up to 50 Pis, you can choose how many you would like to have yourself). If you need more than 50 Pis, we can discuss discounts – please contact our sales team.

The big space the ads take up is distracting, can I remove them?

Please see “How much does PiCockpit cost beyond the 5 free Pis?” – we will be happy to remove the ads for you, if you subscribe.

We thank you for your understanding that we have to cover the significant expenses which server costs & development time for PiCockpit require.

We encourage you to shop with our sister site https://buyzero.de and purchase pi3g branded products.

What happened to the DVB-T Tools? Where can I get aa-All.txt?

The DVB-T tools have been removed from PiCockpit, due to low demand. You can download aa-All.txt on this help page dedicated to the DVB-T tools.

How can I remove PiCockpit?

Removing PiCockpit is simple. Please follow the instructions on this page.