Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 is here 📸

Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3

Today Raspberry Pi released the Camera Module 3. It is based on the Sony IMX708 image sensor. That means that it comes with an impressive resolution of 12 megapixels. On top of that it has improved low-light sensitivity, highg dynamic range (HDR) support and powered autofocus. So your images will be crispier and have a…

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Issues with the Password Reset – Backend Error

We have received user feedback and it seems like currently there are some issues while trying to reset your password on PiCockpit. We want to say thank you to those who wrote us concerning this problem. User feedback is invaluable and helps us find these kinds of problems much faster. When you are only testing…

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PiCockpit v2.6.5 – Support for the Pico W (part 2)

As you probably all know the Raspberry Pi Foundation designed their own microcontroller three years ago – the Raspberry Pi Pico. We were immediately intrigued, especially by its low price (Starting at $4) and low energy consumption, combined with its wide range of possible applications – from personal experiments and projects up to industrial use…

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Why are Raspberry Pi prices so high? Will it improve?

raspberry pi prices

Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton has released some good news about supply gradually returning to normal levels in 2023. That’s good news for all of us because Raspberry Pi enthusiasts have paid inflated prices for Raspberry Pis for a long time. Pandemic prices of the Raspberry Pi Let’s look at the prices of various Raspberry…

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PiCockpit v2.6.5 released (part one)

Just now, PiCockpit v2.6.5 has been released (the Web UI – there is no new picockpit-client yet, we’re working on it). Important: force-refresh If you have been using PiCockpit before, the old JavaScript files which run the webinterface might still be cached in your webbrowser. It is therefore a good idea to press Ctrl while…

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Raspberry Pi Pico W beginners’ components tutorial

raspberry pi pico w components tutorial

This Raspberry Pi Pico W tutorial will teach you how to interact with the microcontroller to interact with simple components such as LEDs, ultrasonic sensors and many other items found in a beginner’s kit. If you are a complete beginner, this tutorial will help you understand MicroPython so that you can read, write and modify…

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