Paragon Project: The 8-Bit Keyboard

The 8-Bit Keyboard Title Image

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.” But if you’re an electronics enthusiast, then you know that we all live by the phrase, “Work harder if it’s more fun.” With that in mind, this project is endless fun – it’s an 8-Bit Keyboard. Masaya Hanaka, who goes by the name HIGEDARUMA on Hackaday,…

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Paragon Project: AI Generative Keyboard

AI Generative Keyboard Title Image

I have been watching this project over the past few weeks and I think it’s time to share it in our Paragon Projects series, mostly because I’m too excited not to share it! It’s a keyboard that learns how you type and then helps write text. Perhaps coolest of all – it helps create prompts…

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What You Can Do with a Compute Module 4

Compute Module 4 Title Image

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) is a fantastic little board and a half-sibling of the Raspberry Pi 4 family that we talked about last week. And last year, we published an article about the basics of the Compute Module 4 here. But so much has happened in the past year and a half,…

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Paragon Project: DOOM on an Arduino Nano

Doom on Arduino Title Image

There’s a classic question in the universe of computer games – but can it run Crysis? However, in the world of microcomputer games and microcontrollers, we have a slightly different question – but can it run DOOM? Well we finally have the answer for the Arduino Nano. And the answer is: yes! You can indeed…

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Paragon Project: A Recycled Single-Board Computer

A Recycled Single-Board Computer Title Image

Want to become a computer wizard? Want to do it without being wasteful? This is the project that will inspire you to master computers on a super low-level, all while being a good environmentalist. You can do it all with this recycled single-board computer. This wonderfully innovative project comes from Anders Nielsen, who calls it…

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Paragon Project: Pico Clock

pico clock title image

Looking to build yourself a clock for your desk? This is a super stylish clock made with a Raspberry Pi Pico. It can also serve as a sleek alarm clock for your nightstand. Posted on Reddit by EnviousMedia and on GitHub here, they’ve called it Env-OpenClock. They’ve managed to put it together using inexpensive hardware.…

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Paragon Project: Open-Source E-Book

Open-Source E-Book Title Image

To be honest, I’ve been following this project for a long time. And the I think the idea itself deserved to be featured in our Paragon Projects series. But Joey Castillo just published updates to this project that require me to do it now, especially. This is an open source e-book, which Joey calls “The…

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Everything You Need to Know About the Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 Title Image

Now that Raspberry Pi 4 stocks have returned to normal, we thought it was time to write an article about the power of this microcomputer. So if you’ve already got one and you want to learn more or if you’re thinking about getting one and want to get more details – this is the article…

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Paragon Project: Mike Horne’s Extremely Mini Cyberdeck

Mike Horne's Mini Cyberdeck Title Image

Have you ever wondered how small you could get your computer? Well Mike Horne has managed to create one roughly the size of a banana! It’s his extremely mini cyberdeck and it’s a perfect project to include in our Paragon Projects series! Mike has managed to fit a full cyberdeck inside a mini flight case…

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Paragon Project: The Best Smart Watch Ever?

The Best Smart Watch Ever Title Image

Avid readers of our blog know that a few weeks back, we covered the worst smart watch ever. Well, we’ve stumbled upon what could perhaps be described as the best smart watch ever and we are very proud to feature it in our Paragon Projects series. Credit to Matthew James Bellafaire, who put this project…

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