What to do with the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

raspberry pi zero 2 wifi extender

If you are looking for fun projects to do, check out this post. The Pi Zero 2 W is best suited to applications that have these parameters: Microcontrollers like Arduinos aren’t adequate Microcomputer must be small and/or light Microcomputer must be cheap Power drain must be kept as low as possible WiFi/Bluetooth is necessary If…

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Fun projects to do with the Raspberry Pi Zero 2

raspberry pi zero 2 recalbox

Anything that you can do on the original Raspberry Pi Zero, you can do on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2. It’s a one-to-one replacement on many projects because both the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 and the original Zero are the same form factor. That said, certain fun projects are much more viable on the Raspberry…

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10 curious Raspberry Pi Pico facts

raspberry pi pico

Learn 10 exciting facts about the Raspberry Pi Pico, ranging from technical specs to fun projects. 1 Two time’s the charm The Pico features the RP2040 microcontroller chip designed by Raspberry Pi in the UK. It contains a Dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processor and a flexible clock running up to 133 Mhz. Hence the Pico can…

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Raspberry Pi Zero 2 battery runtimes, optimizations and setups

pi zero 2 with battery pack

How to run a Raspberry Pi off a battery The easiest way for a plug-and-play experience is to run it off a power bank made for recharging phones. They’re the easiest because everything works; but they are also the least customizable. If you want a more customizable solution, consider getting the PowerBoost 1000 Basic which…

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Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W WiFi chipset, speeds & monitor mode

raspberry pi zero 2 wifi

WiFi performance WiFi throughput figures sourced from Jeff Geerling. Zero W – 20.3 Mbps Zero 2 W – 33.5 Mbps Pi 3B (non-plus) – 38.8 Mbps Pi 4 B – 92.8 Mbps Chipset The chipset that the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W uses is the Synaptics SYN43436. Ostensibly, the WLAN chipset used in the Raspberry…

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Teach your BME688 how to smell

BME688 breakout board

A complete guide on how to train your BME688 sensor Hi fellow tech enthusiasts! Bosch released the BME688, an awesome new sensor that can distinguish up to four different scents. This guide will explain all the details of teaching your BME688 how to distinguish smells. Don’t worry if you are new to AI or Python.…

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BME688 DigitalNose App released

bme688 digitalnose picockpit

As of today, PiCockpit users will find a new App in their dashboard: BME688 DigitalNose This brings PiCockpit to the new version 2.2.0 – your picockpit-client should at least have version 2.2.0, or higher to be able to use this app. This app will allow you to use your BME688 sensor in smell detection mode…

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