Raspberry Pi project ideas: Modern solutions require more modern solutions!

modern solutions require modern solutions

Ever seen the meme that goes like “Modern problems require modern solutions?” Well, what happens if your modern solutions create some modern problems? Well then, you need a modern solution. Hence, modern solutions require modern solutions. Sometimes, though, these problems are so minor that manufacturers won’t bother creating a solution for you. Luckily, as Raspberry…

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UART – The Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter

UART is a full duplex serial interface. It enables two devices to communicate over just three wires and supports variable speeds. UART Characteristics Like the name suggests, UART is an asynchronous interface. Unlike SPI or I2C there is no need for a dedicated clock. The two devices just need to use the same transmission speed.…

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I2C – The Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus

The I2C bus is very commonly used in the embedded realm. We explain how it works and how to set it up on the Raspberry Pi with an example. I2C Characteristics The Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus is a synchronous serial communication bus. Philips Semiconductors was responsible for the invention in 1982 but the interface quickly gained…

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SPI – The Serial Peripheral Interface

SPI means Serial Peripheral Interface. With SPI you can exchange data blazingly fast between two devices. And you only need four wires. SPI Characteristics The serial peripheral interface is a synchronous communication interface for short distances. Synchronous means that the data is sent in form of blocks or frames and the the two devices are…

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Raspberry Pi stock update 2022 (with delivery timelines)

raspberry pi stock availability may 2022

PiCockpit is a property of pi3g, which also has buyzero.de, an Approved Reseller of the Raspberry Pi. Here’s how stock for various Raspberry Pis will look for this year. Raspberry Pi 4 availability in 2022: your best bet Raspberry Pi 4 The Raspberry Pi 4 and the Compute Module 4 are still your best bet.…

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