Raspberry Pi alternatives in 2022

google coral raspberry pi alternative for ai ml

At some point in your tinkering journey, you might meet up with the limits of the Raspberry Pi. While the Raspberry Pi’s microcomputers and microcontrollers are very dynamic tools that can help you complete different projects, some other tools are more specialized and are better for specific projects. In addition, there’s still a shortage out…

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The best Raspberry Pi HATS, accessories, breakouts by brand

raspberry pi brands, accessories, HATS, breakout boards

The best part about the Raspberry Pi is its community. That includes the vendors and accessories makers. If you are new to the Raspberry Pi, you might find the brands difficult to navigate. Here’s a guide to some of the most innovative brands in the Raspberry Pi universe. Pimoroni Pimoroni is one of the biggest…

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Gaming on the Raspberry Pi Pico

games on raspberry pi pico

I remember my first dumbphone, which was called a “phone” back then. It could play simple games like Snake. That was bleeding edge. Prior to that, you’d have to carry a separate handheld that played Tetris or a more dynamic gaming system like a Gameboy. The Raspberry Pi Pico is a pretty powerful microcontroller compared…

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PiCockpit v2.5.2 released

PiCockpit v2.5.2 is now live. It brings two important new features: a password reset possibility, for users who have forgotten their passwords an even easier way to add a new Pi to PiCockpit! The new easy way to add a new Pi Note: Ideally you want to use the webbrowser on the Pi you want…

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