PiCockpit v2.7.1

A small bugfix release. The reset user password feature should now work again! The necessary code to fix this bug was introduced in v2.7.0 already, but there was still one line of code which was working against the bug – now this line of code has been removed, and the bug fix works 🙂

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PiCockpit frontend v2.7.0 is here!

PiCockpit v2.7.0

PiCockpit v2.7.0 has been released today! We recommend for everyone to force-refresh their web interfaces using Ctrl + Click on the reload button, so you can enjoy the new experience! What’s new in PiCockpit v2.7.0? New fresh look for v2.7.0! PiCockpit v2.7.0 sports a fresh look, with the side (“ad”) section having been removed in…

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