PiCockpit Plans

There are three available PiCockpit plans:

Free Pro Pro Plus
This is a dev plan. It will give you a great basic feature set, including unlimited Terminal access and Editor access.

20 RaspiGPT Requests Daily
5 Devices Max.
30min Streaming Video per day
This plan is good for small and medium businesses who want more functionality and higher limits. It useful for serious administration of Raspberry Pi devices.

✓50 RaspiGPT Requests Daily
✓> 5 Devices
✓Unlimited Streaming Video
✓Early App Access
PiCockpit Pro Plus is our enterprise solution, intended for complex scenarios and custom requirements. It comes with granular access control management, unlimited admin users, and much more. For clients with unique needs, we can work with you to make your project succeed.

IFTTT Scripting
Extended Support
Custom App Development
Full System Integration

Once you have a PiCockpit account, you can easily upgrade to PiCockpit Pro and PiCockpit Pro Plus.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our page on How to Get PiCockpit Pro by clicking here: