PiCockpit Terms of Service v0.1.0

By using this website (picockpit.com), the PiDoctor OS and any other tools and functionalities we provide, you agree to these terms of service:

We provide a non-exlusive service to you, which supports you in managing your Raspberry Pi's.
The service is provided without any warranty to the full legal extent possible.
We do not guarantee future availability of the service, or the availability of individual features.
The basic functionality of the service is free of charge. Currently we plan to continue to offer basic functionality free of charge, however this may change if the business model requires it.

We may charge for additional features, or impose usage limits upon non-paying users. In any case, you will be informed, and will be asked for consent, before performing a function which could lead to payment being required of you.

The service is provided by:

pi3g GmbH & Co. KG
Zschochersche Allee 1
04207 Leipzig
DE - Germany


Please contact us in case of questions.