PiCockpit – Raspberry Pi Pico W Installation

Simply follow these instructions to add your Pico W to PiCockpit (This only works for the Pico W, not the base model). The steps under ‘Reset to factory settings‘ are necessary if you have used your Pico for anything before. If you bought a new one you can skip them, but they don’t hurt in any case!

1. Reset to factory settings

  1. Save files from your Pico you don’t want to lose!
  2. (If it isn’t a brand new Pico – in general, better safe than sorry).
    Press the BOOTSEL button while connecting it to your computer. The Pico should appear as a mounted volume.
  3. Reset your Pico by downloading a Flash Nuke and copying the uf2 file onto the Pico. This resets the Pico to factory settings.
  4. Disconnect the Pico.

2. Installing PiCockpit

  1. Go to PiCockpit.com. Login and make sure that you only have either 4 Pis or have extended the limit. Currently we only allow max 5 Pis on our free tier.
  2. Click the *Add new Pico W* button, input your information. All information is only saved locally and written into the uf2 image – so we don’t send your WiFi credentials to our sever. They are safe!
  3. Press *Generate uf2 Image*. This downloads the image.
  4. Press the BOOTSEL button while connecting the Pico to your computer.
  5. Copy the uf2 file (picockpit-picow-v2.5.0.uf2) onto the Pico.
  6. Don’t disconnect the Pico! Wait until the Pico shows up in the Web Interface. This should take about 2 minutes.
  7. Finished!


Q.: What is the Serial Number that appears in the Interface?
A.: This is simply a UUID that is generated randomly. As of now the Picos don’t have a serial number.