Paragon Project: DOOM on an Arduino Nano

Doom on Arduino Title Image

There’s a classic question in the universe of computer games – but can it run Crysis? However, in the world of microcomputer games and microcontrollers, we have a slightly different question – but can it run DOOM? Well we finally have the answer for the Arduino Nano. And the answer is: yes! You can indeed…

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Paragon Project: Microcontroller Computer

Microcontroller Computer Title Image

Today, we’re covering a project put together by Naveen Kumar over at, which is a Linux computer made with microcontrollers: a microcontroller computer! Based on an Arduino Nano ESP32, this little computer is a great little project to get up and running – especially if you’re looking to set it up for home automation…

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Paragon Project: The Worst Smart Watch Ever

The Worst Smart Watch Ever Title Image

Sometimes in life, the worst is the best. And often with maker projects, the most fun way to do something is also the worst way. That’s undoubtedly the case with this atypical Paragon Project: the worst smart watch ever, put together by one of our favorite tech YouTubers – Low Level Learning. Based on the…

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