Paragon Project: Hacking a Coffee Machine

Hacking a Coffee Machine with an ESP8266 Title Image

Winter is upon us. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the days are growing shorter and it’s harder and harder to get out of bed. In this installment of our Paragon Projects series, we’re looking at a project that’ll be even more useful as the days grow shorter: hacking a coffee machine. This…

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Paragon Project: ESP32 Drones!

ESP32 Drones Title Image

Last week, we published an article about the 10 best ESP32 projects of 2023. Well, we clearly jumped the gun, because just a day later, Joshua Bird shared the single coolest ESP32 project of 2023: ESP32 drones that fly autonomously with a motion capture system! Best of all, Joshua has shared all the details of…

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The 10 BEST ESP32 Projects of 2023

The Best ESP32 Projects of 2023 Title Image

We’ve written about a whole bunch of ESP32 projects this year. Although the end of 2023 isn’t yet upon us, it’s fast approaching. And we thought it was about time to collect our list of the best ESP32 projects of 2023. So if you missed them, here’s your opportunity to catch up. But first, let…

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Paragon Project: A Portable Music Player

Portable Music Player Title Image

Miss your old iPod? Looking to make something to replace it? Then this is the project for you! It’s a portable music player and it’s guaranteed to kick your nostalgia into high-gear. It was made by Nic, who’s uploaded the log files to Hackaday, and calls it Music32-V2. It’s a very interesting custom build and…

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Paragon Project: The 8-Bit Keyboard

The 8-Bit Keyboard Title Image

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.” But if you’re an electronics enthusiast, then you know that we all live by the phrase, “Work harder if it’s more fun.” With that in mind, this project is endless fun – it’s an 8-Bit Keyboard. Masaya Hanaka, who goes by the name HIGEDARUMA on Hackaday,…

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Paragon Project: AI Generative Keyboard

AI Generative Keyboard Title Image

I have been watching this project over the past few weeks and I think it’s time to share it in our Paragon Projects series, mostly because I’m too excited not to share it! It’s a keyboard that learns how you type and then helps write text. Perhaps coolest of all – it helps create prompts…

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Paragon Project: DOOM on an Arduino Nano ESP32

Doom on Arduino Title Image

There’s a classic question in the universe of computer games – but can it run Crysis? However, in the world of microcomputer games and microcontrollers, we have a slightly different question – but can it run DOOM? Well we finally have the answer for the Arduino Nano. And the answer is: yes! You can indeed…

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Paragon Project: The Best Smart Watch Ever?

The Best Smart Watch Ever Title Image

Avid readers of our blog know that a few weeks back, we covered the worst smart watch ever. Well, we’ve stumbled upon what could perhaps be described as the best smart watch ever and we are very proud to feature it in our Paragon Projects series. Credit to Matthew James Bellafaire, who put this project…

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Paragon Project: ESP32 Weather Display

ESP32 Weather Display Title Image

Every morning, I find myself scrambling to determine the weather before I get ready. If you’re anything like me, then I’ve found the project to help us both – an E-Paper Weather Display made with an ESP32 microcontroller. Luke Marzen developed this display and then shared it as open-source on GitHub. I should mention that…

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Paragon Project: Microcontroller Computer

Microcontroller Computer Title Image

Today, we’re covering a project put together by Naveen Kumar over at, which is a Linux computer made with microcontrollers: a microcontroller computer! Based on an Arduino Nano ESP32, this little computer is a great little project to get up and running – especially if you’re looking to set it up for home automation…

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