Raspberry Pi 5 Micro SD Card Speed

Raspberry Pi 5 Micro SD Card Speed Title Image

This article is all about the micro SD card speeds of Raspberry Pi 5. We discuss the new architecture and which cards are recommended! With SD cards, there are always three things to keep in mind: With Raspberry Pi 5, everyone is talking about speed and so we thought it would be worthwhile to talk…

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Part 3 – What are Card grades and why are they important?

Part 3 - What are Card grades and why are they important

Did you know that the quality differs for each SD card? Companies optimize SD Cards for price or performance which leads to different grades of SD Cards. We will discuss why different SD Card grades exist, what grades can be distinguished and why they are important. This post is the final part of a three…

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Part 2 – How does flash memory work?

How does flash memory work

The heart of any SD Card is the flash memory chip. Hence to understand why SD Card quality is not always the same we need to know how flash memory is manufactured and how it works. This post is part of a three part mini series about SD Cards with some in depth information. Content…

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All about SD card health on the Raspberry Pi

The SD card is – next to the power supply – a critical additional component of the Raspberry Pi. Monitoring it’s health is really important to ensure a smooth operation of your Raspberry Pi operating system, and a good user experience. This article will show you several ways how to check and monitor the health…

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