Raspberry Pi Dispatch: Arm Invests in Raspberry Pi

Arm invests in Raspberry Pi Title Image

In a significant industry move, Arm announced last week that they have recently invested in Raspberry Pi. They stated that they have acquired a minority stake in Raspberry Pi Ltd. This strategic collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the relationship between the two companies. In the press release, Arm mentioned that the two have collaborated…

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A List of Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers

A List of All Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers Title Image

There are currently roughly 99 Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers. We thought it would be nice to collect them all in one place with their names, locations, and websites. Approved Resellers are able to guarantee quality and customer support. We here at PiCockpit have a sister company – buyzero.de – that is itself a Raspberry Pi…

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Raspberry Pi Dispatch: Raspberry Pi 5!

Raspberry Pi 5 Title Image

Introduction Raspberry Pi 5! It’s almost here! It’s the first new model from Raspberry Pi Ltd. in over four years! We in the Raspberry Pi community have grown accustomed to waiting these past few years, but four years for a new product is quite the wait! Luckily, Raspberry Pi has promised to deliver and deliver…

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Raspberry Pi Dispatch: Have the “Million-Unit Months” Begun?

Roughly two months ago, David Bombal interviewed Eben Upton on his YouTube channel. In the interview, he made it clear that in the first quarter of 2023, production was lower than it had been since 2015. However, Upton stated that things were turning around last quarter and would be in full swing by July. We…

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