Paragon Project: An Unofficial Raspberry Pi 500

Unofficial Raspberry Pi 500 Title Image

Here we are, almost two months since the announcement of Raspberry Pi 5 and no word on a Raspberry Pi 500. How can this be? Well leave it to Christopher Barnatt to save the day with this unofficial Raspberry Pi 500! When Raspberry Pi announced the Pi 5, there were two big questions – what…

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An M.2 PCIe HAT for Raspberry Pi 5

An M.2 PCIe HAT for Raspberry Pi 5 - Pineberry Pi Title Image

From the moment that Raspberry Pi Ltd. announced Raspberry Pi 5 on September 28th, the internet has been buzzing with all of the potential of the PCIe port. Raspberry Pi has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. And now, one of them becomes a reality with the introduction of Pineberry Pi’s HatDrive!, an…

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Paragon Project: Unofficial Compute Module 5

Unofficial Compute Module 5 Title Image

One of the most entertaining aspects to the Raspberry Pi 5 announcement was the comments section. A shocking number of people ignored the Pi 5 completely and asked about a Compute Module 5. Well, Arturo182 has fulfilled everybody’s wishes by hacking together this awesome unofficial Compute Module 5. It’s a project that integrates the Raspberry…

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Announcing the WINNER of Our Raspberry Pi 5 Contest!

Announcing the Winner of Our Raspberry Pi 5 Contest Title Image

We’re very excited today to announce the winner of our Raspberry Pi 5 contest! You’ll recall that back on October 4th, we put out a call for the craziest idea that you could come up with for a Raspberry Pi 5. And, as long as it wouldn’t destroy the Pi, we would also enact it…

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6 Ways to Keep Your Raspberry Pi 5 Safe

Raspberry Pi 5 Security Title Image

What should you do to secure your Raspberry Pi 5? In this article, I’ll go over some of the quickest and best ways to ensure that your Raspberry Pi 5 is safe. So before (or while) you’re setting up your Raspberry Pi 5, read this article first! #1: Set up secure passwords, seriously For many…

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4 Facts about the Raspberry Pi 5 Case

Raspberry Pi 5 Case Title Image

The new Raspberry Pi 5 case is super cool. Figuratively and literally. As I’ve elaborated before, I’m a bit of a case nerd when it comes to single board computers. While I’ve used a lot of official Raspberry Pi cases, my favorite cases are actually the Argon ONE case and the FLIRC case for Raspberry…

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Reserve Your Raspberry Pi 5 Today!

Raspberry Pi 5 Reservation Tool Image

Introduction Excited about Raspberry Pi 5? Be sure to reserve yours today with our PiCockpit Raspberry Pi 5 Reservation Tool! Our reservation tool is available to customers in the EU and Switzerland. All orders will be fulfilled through our sister company – To be clear, Raspberry Pi has made it exceedingly clear that for…

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TigerVNC and RealVNC on Raspberry Pi Bookworm OS

RealVNC on Bookworm OS Title Image

Since the release of Bookworm OS, I’ve seen a number of people struggling to get a VNC server set up on their Raspberry Pi. So I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you how to get RealVNC installed on yours. We discussed the switch over from RealVNC in our article about Bookworm…

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Raspberry Pi 5 vs. Orange Pi 5 Plus vs. Rock 5 Model B

Raspberry Pi Orange Pi Rock Title Image

With the announcement of Raspberry Pi 5, a new generation brings a new set of questions – like, how does Raspberry Pi 5 stack up against its competitors? In this article, I want to go over Raspberry Pi 5 vs. Orange Pi 5 Plus vs. Rock 5 Model B. I have a confession. My first…

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I read the RP1 documentation so you don’t have to

Essentials of RP1 Title Image

One of the most notable features of the new Raspberry Pi 5 is the inclusion of RP1 – the first in-house designed silicon chip on a Raspberry Pi flagship product. In this article, I want to go over the essentials of RP1 and tell you what makes it so revolutionary. Unfortunately, this article can’t be…

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