A New PiCockpit User Interface is Coming!

A New User Interface Title Image

We’ve been hard at work behind-the-scenes developing a new PiCockpit user interface for you. And we’re very excited to announce that it will be available shortly.

Our new design will make PiCockpit even more user-friendly and intuitive to use.

What’s more, we’re expanding the ways in which you can view your fleet of devices, making it easier to organize and manage everything via PiCockpit.

It will be quicker to add, edit, and delete groups of devices and running scripts across them will take no time at all.

So be sure to keep your eyes peeled in the coming days for the new PiCockpit user interface!

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out our offer for 1 day of FREE software consultation when you buy a packaging unit!

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