Meet at Embedded World in Nuremberg (April 9-11)

From April 9th to April 11th, the Embedded World Exhibition is taking place in Nuremberg. Embedded World is a hub for industry and business to meet with the global embedded community. With its distinct emphasis on cutting-edge technologies, processes, and innovative products, the event stands out uniquely on the global stage and remains an essential…

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Get a FREE Raspberry Pi 5 for Easter

Only until April 3rd, when you test PiCockpit Pro for one year, you’ll receive a brand new Raspberry Pi 5 absolutely FREE!* PiCockpit is our easy-to-use web interface that will completely transform the way you use your Raspberry Pi. Check and control your Raspberry Pi from anywhere in the world at anytime from any device. With PiCockpit Pro,…

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Announcing PiCockpit’s File Editor App

We’re thrilled to announce our new File Editor App that allows you to create and edit files and directories remotely on your Raspberry Pi! Even more than that, with our File Editor App, you’ll be able to get assistance from our AI system: RaspiGPT. This app gives you full control over the file system on…

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Announcing PiCockpit’s Terminal App

With PiCockpit’s new Terminal App, run a remote terminal directly inside your internet browser and take control of your Raspberry Pi! You don’t need to set up any complicated networking architecture and you don’t need to go out and pay for a VPN. All you need is to make a PiCockpit account, install it, and…

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Announcing PiCockpit’s Script Scheduler App

Script Scheduler App Title Image

Last week, we officially released the beta version of our Video Streaming App. This week, we’re thrilled to announce the beta version of our brand new Script Scheduler App. With this new app, you’re able to run scripts on your Raspberry Pi from your web browser. Imagine having an easy way to automate your entire…

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Announcing PiCockpit’s Video Streaming App

It brings us great pleasure to officially announce the release of our newest feature: the PiCockpit Video Streaming App. We have received a lot of requests for just such an app and we are proud to now offer PiCockpit users the ability to stream video with ease. This new feature enables you to stream video…

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We’re Removing the Raspberry Pi Reservation Tool

We are very pleased to announce that we are removing our well-known Raspberry Pi reservation tool. This is due to the fact that our shop – – has plenty of Raspberry Pi 5’s! In other words, the Raspberry Pi shortages are over. We initially rolled out the reservation tool when stocks began to shrink…

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Full Transition to the New PiCockpit Client

PiCockpit Node.js Client Title Image

If you’ve kept up with PiCockpit these past few weeks, you know that we’ve been making some big changes. Chief among them is that this week, we completely transitioned our new client to Node.js. As we announced on December 22nd, PiCockpit is now available for the new Raspberry Pi Bookworm OS. Additionally, we have revamped…

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PiCockpit now available on Bookworm OS

PiCockpit on Bookworm Title Image

This holiday season, we have more exciting news for Raspberry Pi users. In addition to the recent releases of PiCockpit Pro and PiCockpit Pro Plus, we are thrilled to announce the availability of PiCockpit for Bookworm OS. What’s New? With PiCockpit for Bookworm OS, you can now elevate your Raspberry Pi experience on the latest…

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