Raspberry Pi project ideas: e-ink calendar, clock

Raspberry Pi projects eink calendar and clock

E-paper calendar Reddit user Beaverknighterino said he was “fascinated with E-paper projects so I finally decided to make one for my work calendar.” The materials Beaverknighterino used are as such: Waveshare 7.5” B/W 800×480 E-paper Raspberry Pi Zero W Xiaomi 10000mAH Power bank IKEA HOVSTA Picture frame Beaverknighterino mentioned that the project was made a…

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Raspberry Pi project ideas: Modern solutions require more modern solutions!

modern solutions require modern solutions

Ever seen the meme that goes like “Modern problems require modern solutions?” Well, what happens if your modern solutions create some modern problems? Well then, you need a modern solution. Hence, modern solutions require modern solutions. Sometimes, though, these problems are so minor that manufacturers won’t bother creating a solution for you. Luckily, as Raspberry…

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