Build a VR Glove

VR Glove

If you want to learn more about VR than this is the coolest project that you will find. We will show you how to build a programmable VR Glove. The glove is based on a Raspberry Pi Pico, a MCP3008 ADC and five flex sensors that you can even build yourself! What you need Here…

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AI – An introduction to Artificial Intelligence

AI - An introduction to Artificial Intelligence

These days AI is all over the IT place. But how does it work? And how can you create an Artificial Intelligence yourself? I will explain everything you need to know to get started with AI. AI History Humans have thought about bringing things to life already since ancient times. With the invention of computers…

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I2C – The Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus

The I2C bus is very commonly used in the embedded realm. We explain how it works and how to set it up on the Raspberry Pi with an example. I2C Characteristics The Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus is a synchronous serial communication bus. Philips Semiconductors was responsible for the invention in 1982 but the interface quickly gained…

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SPI – The Serial Peripheral Interface

SPI means Serial Peripheral Interface. With SPI you can exchange data blazingly fast between two devices. And you only need four wires. SPI Characteristics The serial peripheral interface is a synchronous communication interface for short distances. Synchronous means that the data is sent in form of blocks or frames and the the two devices are…

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