Issues with the Password Reset – Backend Error

Bug Fixed Title Image

We have received user feedback and it seems like currently there are some issues while trying to reset your password on PiCockpit. We want to say thank you to those who wrote us concerning this problem. User feedback is invaluable and helps us find these kinds of problems much faster. When you are only testing…

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PiCockpit v2.6.5 – Support for the Pico W (part 2)

As you probably all know the Raspberry Pi Foundation designed their own microcontroller three years ago – the Raspberry Pi Pico. Well here, we’re going to tell you about our new support for the Pico W through PiCockpit! We were immediately intrigued, especially by its low price (Starting at $4) and low energy consumption, combined…

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Expanding PiCockpit to 64 Bit Pi OS

As you might have heard, Raspberry Pi OS is now also available in a 64 Bit version. While there are still a lot of reasons to be sticking with the well tried and tested 32 Bit operating system, a lot of you probably want to try out the newest iteration yourselves. Well we’re making PiCockpit…

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