Issues with the Password Reset – Backend Error

Bug Fixed Title Image

We have received user feedback and it seems like currently there are some issues while trying to reset your password on PiCockpit. We want to say thank you to those who wrote us concerning this problem. User feedback is invaluable and helps us find these kinds of problems much faster. When you are only testing this kind of software by yourself it is easy for such bugs to fly under the radar.

This is indeed backend error, not a user or browser issue, that appeared some time during the Christmas holidays, while our software engineers were all at home, enjoying their break and eating cookies. We will investigate the problem and fix this issue as soon as possible.
In the meantime we thank you for your patience and hope you will continue to enjoy and use our software!

PS.: If you haven’t tried it yet, PiCockpit now also runs on the Raspberry Pi Pico W!

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