Expanding PiCockpit to 64 Bit Pi OS

As you might have heard, Raspberry Pi OS is now also available in a 64 Bit version. While there are still a lot of reasons to be sticking with the well tried and tested 32 Bit operating system, a lot of you probably want to try out the newest iteration yourselves. Well we’re making PiCockpit available for the 64 Bit Pi OS as well!

If you are interested in some reasons for upgrading (Or maybe sticking with the old version?) you should definitely check out our article on it. It might help out with answering a few pressing questions before you pull the trigger trigger on switching.

PiCockpit - now available for 64 Bit Raspberry Pi OS

Installation and features of our 64 Bit version

For those of you who decided to go ahead with 64 Bit, whether just to try it out or to use it as your daily driver, we have good news! You are now able to install PiCockpit without any additional hassle. Just go to our installation manual and use either the one-liner or the more elaborate installation instructions.

The administrative tools which help you control your Pi are all working. This includes the GPIO, PiControl, PiDoctor, and PiStats apps. Maybe set up your new 64 Bit install with an easy way to toggle your SSH server? Or starting and stopping that media center you have set up? Sending a WoL message? You can find a good introduction into the possibilities our software offers right here.

Sadly there are currently a few problems with the BME688 and EE895 related apps as those rely on very specific libraries. So if you want to keep using those you will have to stick to 32 Bit for now.

Maybe give it a try? Let me know if it works for you. Getting out this 64 Bit version was mostly inspired by you people asking for it! So feel free to write us should there be any comments, problems or if you have any ideas on what we should add next. We always love hearing from our userbase and take your suggestions to heart!

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