Get a FREE Raspberry Pi 5 for Easter

Only until April 3rd, when you test PiCockpit Pro for one year, you’ll receive a brand new Raspberry Pi 5 absolutely FREE!*

PiCockpit is our easy-to-use web interface that will completely transform the way you use your Raspberry Pi. Check and control your Raspberry Pi from anywhere in the world at anytime from any device.

With PiCockpit Pro, you’ll unlock a suite of powerful apps and features for your Raspberry Pi:

  • Unlimited Video Streaming from all cameras on your Pi
  • 50 RaspiGPT Requests per day per Pi
  • Early access to new features and more! 

Plus, we’ve added some game-changing additions to the PiCockpit ecosystem:

  • The PiCockpit Terminal App: Now you can open a terminal connection to your Raspberry Pi directly in your web browser. You can control each Raspberry Pi from anywhere in the world!
  • The PiCockpit File Editor App: Create, edit, and organize files on your Raspberry Pi from your browser. This app will simplify your workflow and streamline your development process.

This Easter, we’re celebrating innovation and accessibility in the world of Raspberry Pi computing. Join us in embracing the future of remote device management!

Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer! Sign up for your PiCockpit Pro annual subscription today and claim your FREE* Raspberry Pi 5!

*Free shipping within Germany, shipping costs to other countries still apply.

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