Paragon Project: Linux Handheld Terminal

Linux Handheld Terminal Title Image

In our Paragon Projects series, we highlight the coolest projects that we find. This Linux Handheld Terminal though fits into a very special genre. It’s a tool that can help you develop even more awesome projects. It was put together by Balazs, who then published the details over at Hackaday and made the whole thing…

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4 Facts about the Raspberry Pi 5 Case

Raspberry Pi 5 Case Title Image

The new Raspberry Pi 5 case is super cool. Figuratively and literally. As I’ve elaborated before, I’m a bit of a case nerd when it comes to single board computers. While I’ve used a lot of official Raspberry Pi cases, my favorite cases are actually the Argon ONE case and the FLIRC case for Raspberry…

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Reserve Your Raspberry Pi 5 Today!

Raspberry Pi 5 Reservation Tool Image

Introduction Excited about Raspberry Pi 5? Be sure to reserve yours today with our PiCockpit Raspberry Pi 5 Reservation Tool! Our reservation tool is available to customers in the EU and Switzerland. All orders will be fulfilled through our sister company – To be clear, Raspberry Pi has made it exceedingly clear that for…

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Paragon Project: Retro Newsfeed

Raspberry Pi Retro Newsfeed Title Image

I’m always on the look-out for awesome Raspberry Pi projects to share with you. And today I’m super excited to tell you about this Raspberry Pi Retro Newsfeed. This project was put together by Jeff Jetton and you can find the details on the GitHub repository. It’s also a project that is already a few…

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Raspberry Pi 5 vs. Orange Pi 5 Plus vs. Rock 5 Model B

Raspberry Pi Orange Pi Rock Title Image

With the announcement of Raspberry Pi 5, a new generation brings a new set of questions – like, how does Raspberry Pi 5 stack up against its competitors? In this article, I want to go over Raspberry Pi 5 vs. Orange Pi 5 Plus vs. Rock 5 Model B. I have a confession. My first…

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DOOM on a Raspberry Pi 5

Doom on Raspberry Pi 5 Title Image

Introduction One of the most beloved games that continues its long life is DOOM. Whenever I get my hands on a new device, I personally first always want to run DOOM on it. Well, as you can imagine, when I got my Raspberry Pi 5, that’s what I did first. And let me tell you…

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Keeping Raspberry Pi 5 Cool

Keeping Raspberry Pi 5 Cool Title Image

Introduction In our Raspberry Pi 5 articles, we’ve already discussed how powerful the new Raspberry Pi 5 is. It truly runs 2 to 3 times faster than Raspberry Pi 4. With such a powerful model, though, keeping it cool becomes imperative. This will surely a key question for most enthusiasts. How do I keep my…

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A First Look at Raspberry Pi 5

A First Look at Raspberry Pi 5 Title Image

Today marks the announcement of Raspberry Pi 5. It’s the first new model from Raspberry Pi Ltd. in over four years! And this new Raspberry Pi is fast. It’s so fast that it will be a true desktop capable device. Eben Upton, the CEO of Raspberry Pi Ltd., compared the performance of Raspberry Pi 5…

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Paragon Project: Visualizing Sound Waves

Visualizing Sound Waves Title Image

We haven’t featured many artistic projects in our Paragon Projects series. However, artists are some of the most frequent (and, obviously, most creative) users of microprocessors around. And so, today, we’re correcting this oversight by highlighting this very cool project about visualizing sound waves. It’s called, simply, “Waves” and its developers are Bomani Oseni McClendon,…

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What You Can Do with a Compute Module 4

Compute Module 4 Title Image

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) is a fantastic little board and a half-sibling of the Raspberry Pi 4 family that we talked about last week. And last year, we published an article about the basics of the Compute Module 4 here. But so much has happened in the past year and a half,…

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