PiCockpit v2.5.2 released

PiCockpit v2.5.2 is now live. It brings two important new features:

  • a password reset possibility, for users who have forgotten their passwords
  • an even easier way to add a new Pi to PiCockpit!

The new easy way to add a new Pi

Note: Ideally you want to use the webbrowser on the Pi you want to add, as it will be easier to handle the script!

You’ll note a new button has appeared in your overview, “Add new Pi”. Click this button to start the workflow for adding a new Pi.

Enter your PiCockpit.com password, and click on continue.

In the next step, you can set up the name you would like the new Pi to have. You can even add UTF-8 emojis here.

Click on “Download picockpit setup script”

This will generate a script with everything which is necessary to install PiCockpit on your Raspberry Pi (running Raspberry Pi OS).

Copy the script to your Raspberry Pi (or, if you followed my suggestion, you logged into PiCockpit from your Raspberry Pi).

Make it executable, and double-click the script to run it.

It will install the necessary parts for PiCockpit, and automatically add your Pi to PiCockpit.

The Pi should now magically appear in the web-interface!

Let us know how you like this new, easier workflow – where you do not need to deal with API keys, or put in command line sequences. Also let us know if you run into trouble using this!

Forgot password workflow

I have now added a “Forgot password” retrieval feature to PiCockpit.

Note: you should have registered with your correct email address for this to work! We will not be able to support you in the password recovery, if there are problems with sending emails to your account!

Click on “I forgot my password” on the login page.

This will take you to the PiCockpit password reset page.

As a first step, enter your e-Mail address you used to sign up for the PiCockpit account. A Captcha will now appear.

Solve the captcha

Once you solve the Captcha, a password reset link will automatically be sent to you:

Click the link, or copy and paste it into your browser (pay attention that the case of the secret key is preserved, and that every single letter is copied correctly).

You will now be able to set the new password:

Repeat it to make sure that you enter it correctly.

The system will guide you in selecting a secure password, as we require the password to have several features which make it safer for you.

Let us know if you run into issues using the password reset feature.

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