What does 2023 look like for Raspberry Pi stock?

Raspberry Pi has just released an optimistic outlook for non-business customers looking to buy Raspberry Pi stocks in 2023. Of course, by stocks, we don’t mean ETFs or something like this. We mean real, solid hardware: Raspberry Pis! Writing this on Dec. 12, 2022, CEO Eben Upton has spelled out various forecasts for 2023. Here’s…

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Quo vadis, Raspberry Pi? Eben Upton’s 2022 interviews

Eben Upton 2022 interviews summarized

2022 is a special year for the Raspberry Pi as it reaches its 10th year of existence and we thought it high time to talk about the future of Raspberry Pi by covering some interview highlights from Eben Upton. It remains one of the most unusual years in its history too. If you wanted one…

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PiCockpit MQTT currently offline (31.10.2022)

Bug Fixed Title Image

While rebooting our server, the MQTT container has started to experience issues – we are investigating, unfortunately we currently have an unscheduled down-time. The Raspberry Pi Reservation tool is not affected by this. We will update this blog post once the issue is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience! Update 1.11.2022: problem is solved! The…

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PiCockpit v2.6.0 released

PiCockpit v2.6.0 is here 🙂 It sports a fresh new look, which integrates our main front page with the actual PiCockpit service. This way, you’ll have more space – your screen estate is used in a wiser fashion. Here are some navigation pointers to be able to use the new version effectively: Exciting changes under…

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PiCockpit v2.5.2 released

PiCockpit v2.5.2 is now live. It brings two important new features: The new easy way to add a new Pi Note: Ideally you want to use the webbrowser on the Pi you want to add, as it will be easier to handle the script! You’ll note a new button has appeared in your overview, “Add…

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PiCockpit v2.4.4

Version 2.4.4 of the PiCockpit frontend and backend (the parts you are talking to in your web browser :-)) have now been released. This release brings us a bit closer to the magical experience PiCockpit is aiming to become. A lot happened under the hood, here are the highlights: My Raspberry Pis My Raspberry Pis…

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Raspberry Pi stock update 2022 (with delivery timelines)

raspberry pi stock availability may 2022

Everyone is rightfully clamoring about Raspberry Pi stock. So we felt it time to give an update with delivery timelines. PiCockpit is a property of pi3g, which also has buyzero.de, an Approved Reseller of the Raspberry Pi. Here’s how stock for various Raspberry Pis will look for this year. Raspberry Pi 4 availability in 2022:…

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Expanding PiCockpit to 64 Bit Pi OS

As you might have heard, Raspberry Pi OS is now also available in a 64 Bit version. While there are still a lot of reasons to be sticking with the well tried and tested 32 Bit operating system, a lot of you probably want to try out the newest iteration yourselves. Well we’re making PiCockpit…

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Raspberry Pi market situation and availability in 2022 for industry

In this post, we discuss the Raspberry Pi market, the limited stock, and the availability of Raspberry Pis for industry. A customer asked me about the availability of Raspberry Pis for his industrial design-ins (in this case, the company makes fire alarm systems). Since this is a recurring question, I promised him to write a…

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