Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 is here 📸

Today Raspberry Pi released the Camera Module 3. It is based on the Sony IMX708 image sensor.

That means that it comes with an impressive resolution of 12 megapixels.

On top of that it has improved low-light sensitivity, high dynamic range (HDR) support and powered autofocus. So your images will be crispier and have a better contrast, especially in low-light scenarios.


Just like it’s predecessors, the Camera Module 3 is available in visible-light-only and infrared-sensitive (NoIR) variants. Also there is a standard version with a 76° lens and a wide-angle version with a 120° lens.

The Camera Module 2 will be designated as “not recommended for new designs”.


SensorSony IMX708
Optical Size7.4mm sensor diagonal
Sensor Resolution11.9 Megapixels
Still Resolution4608 x 2592 pixels
Video Modes1080p50, 720p100, 480p120
Autofocus SystemPhase Detection Autofocus
Focal Length4.74mm
Focus Range10CM to infinity
Dimensions25 x 23.9 x 11.5 mm (76 degree), 25 x 23.9 x 12.4 mm (120 degree “wide angle”)

Sounds great, where can I get it?

The 76° and 120° variants for visible light only are available at our store right now!

It is even cheaper than the standard price for the Camera Module 2 (which we currently have on sale).

The NoIR variants are on their way and will be added soon.

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