PiCockpit v2.7.3 released

A new month, and a new PiCockpit release!

Behind the scenes, we’ve hired a new developer to work on PiCockpit, so speed of development should pick up now, and many great things are planned.

But first, some more housekeeping-type of work needs to be done. This release is such a release – it is the last one I’ve personally written code for.

Main changes in v2.7.3

  • Raspberry Pis are now shown in a paginated list, and you can search for a specific Pi by it’s name
  • Your browser will remember your language choice
  • clicking on the PiCockpit logo will still give you access to “My Raspberry Pis” and “Raspberry Pi Reservation Tool”, as the final marriage between two parts of the frontend has now been consumed
  • The page should load faster now, as we’ve split the code across several files which are loaded in the background
  • The registration page is now also fully integrated into the new frontend

Technical details for Geeks

We’ve switched the frontend build process from WebPack to Vite.

I personally love Vite and the speed with which you can test things, and the speed it builds in. It’s a wonderful tool.

The backend has nearly finished moving to headless now – we will be there in the next release.

The next Frontend release will probably be another smallish release, with a new backend (ported to a different language). Let’s see. My work for today is done 🙂

Test & Share!

Let us know if you are experiencing problems with v2.7.3 – and of course also what you like about it! Share with your friends, recommend us to strangers using Pis – share the love, five Pis or Picos are free to use with PiCockpit!

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