BME688 DigitalNose App released

As of today, PiCockpit users will find a new App in their dashboard: BME688 DigitalNose

This brings PiCockpit to the new version 2.2.0 – your picockpit-client should at least have version 2.2.0, or higher to be able to use this app.

This app will allow you to use your BME688 sensor in smell detection mode – you will need a .config file to operate the app (which you can obtain after training in the BOSCH AI Studio with different samples ).

Using this you can distinguish different smell patterns – for example, whether cheese or meat are present. Watch me demonstrate the magic in this video:

Read all about how to use the BME688 Digital Nose app here:

Further Reading

You can replicate the magic yourself: below I’m sharing sample config file(s) with you:

Sample config file(s) for the BME688 DigitalNose app:

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