Paragon Project: Raspberry Pi Zero NAS

Raspberry Pi Zero NAS

Want to ditch your cloud services? Want something more private and more secure? Then look no further than this Raspberry Pi Zero NAS. Dannii820 put this project together and shared it over on Reddit. And it made me realize that despite our countless Paragon Projects, we have yet to feature a NAS. And since this…

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Exploring MicroLua: Lua Programming for RP2040

Exploring MicroLua for the RP2040 Title Image

Have you ever wanted to delve into the world of Lua programming and explore the capabilities of the RP2040 microcontroller? Look no further – MicroLua offers an exciting opportunity to do just that! In this article, I want to dive into what MicroLua is, how it works, and why I think it’s a super valuable…

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Paragon Project: Unofficial Compute Module 5

Unofficial Compute Module 5 Title Image

One of the most entertaining aspects to the Raspberry Pi 5 announcement was the comments section. A shocking number of people ignored the Pi 5 completely and asked about a Compute Module 5. Well, Arturo182 has fulfilled everybody’s wishes by hacking together this awesome unofficial Compute Module 5. It’s a project that integrates the Raspberry…

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Raspberry Pi Dispatch: Arm Invests in Raspberry Pi

Arm invests in Raspberry Pi Title Image

In a significant industry move, Arm announced last week that they have recently invested in Raspberry Pi. They stated that they have acquired a minority stake in Raspberry Pi Ltd. This strategic collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the relationship between the two companies. In the press release, Arm mentioned that the two have collaborated…

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The Best Raspberry Pi Projects of October 2023

Raspberry Pi Projects October 2023

We’ve written about a number of Raspberry Pi Projects in October 2023. So if you missed them, here’s your opportunity to catch up! A Raspberry Pi Retro Newsfeed If you’re like me, you might have what a doctor could certifiably diagnose as a news addiction. Well then this project is a way to satisfy that…

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Paragon Project: Raspberry Pi Fractal Art

Raspberry Pi Fractal Art Title Image

In this installment of our Paragon Projects series, we’re covering a project that will bring fractals to life. It’s a picture frame that renders and zooms in on the Mandelbrot set, creating Raspberry Pi fractal art! The Mandelbrot set, of course, is that famous mathematical set of complex numbers out of which visually stunning fractal…

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A List of Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers

A List of All Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers Title Image

There are currently roughly 99 Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers. We thought it would be nice to collect them all in one place with their names, locations, and websites. Approved Resellers are able to guarantee quality and customer support. We here at PiCockpit have a sister company – – that is itself a Raspberry Pi…

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Paragon Project: Pico Air Quality Monitor

Pico Air Quality Monitor Title Image

Want to monitor the air quality in your home or city? Then this is the ideal project for you! It’s a straightforward and simple air quality monitor with a Raspberry Pi Pico! This great little project was put together by Yakroo and shared on Before I tell you all about it though, I do…

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Announcing the WINNER of Our Raspberry Pi 5 Contest!

Announcing the Winner of Our Raspberry Pi 5 Contest Title Image

We’re very excited today to announce the winner of our Raspberry Pi 5 contest! You’ll recall that back on October 4th, we put out a call for the craziest idea that you could come up with for a Raspberry Pi 5. And, as long as it wouldn’t destroy the Pi, we would also enact it…

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A Simple Guide to ARM vs. RISC-V vs. x86

RISC-V vs ARM vs x86 Title Image

Introduction We’ve been talking a lot about Raspberry Pi 5 here at PiCockpit, of course. The other day, I found a discussion about Raspberry Pi 5 that centered on the Pi’s ARM architecture and how that stacks up with RISC-V architecture. For years, people have talked about Raspberry Pi’s compatibility with x86. But what about…

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