The Best Raspberry Pi Projects of November 2023

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We’ve written about a number of Raspberry Pi Projects in November 2023. So if you missed them, here’s your opportunity to catch up!

Unofficial Compute Module 5

If you’re like me, then when they announced Raspberry Pi 5, then you were probably wondering – what about other generation 5 products? What about a Compute Module 5, for instance? Well check out this awesome unofficial Compute Module 5.

It’s a project that integrates a Raspberry Pi 5 into the Compute Module’s size and shape.

CM5 with a CM4 Maker Board

Of course, as it says on the PCB, the Compute Module 5 is “Just a meme”, “Not serious”. But I can promise you that this hilarious looking octopus of a board is the single greatest meme board you’re ever going to see.

Unofficial Raspberry Pi 500

Speaking of generation 5 products, not only did we get an unofficial Compute Module 5 this month, but we also go an unofficial Raspberry Pi 500!

Christopher Barnatt put together this brilliant desktop computer with a Raspberry Pi 5, an old keyboard, and some pieces of plastic. It’s got the look and feel of an old Amiga 500, but it’s got the power of everybody’s favorite SBC.

Raspberry Pi 500

It’s surprisingly easy to put together – Christopher didn’t even use 3D-printed parts or anything like that. Perhaps best of all, it’s fitted with a full-size HDMI port!

Raspberry Pi Zero NAS

Want to ditch your cloud services? Want something more private and more secure? Not to mention faster? Then look no further than this Raspberry Pi Zero NAS. We just published a tutorial on how to set up a NAS on a Raspberry Pi 4 today, but this Zero NAS takes the cake!

Raspberry Pi Zero NAS

It’s a super creative project and even gives you access to an M.2 SATA SSD through the custom printed circuit board. The creativity that went into this project blew my mind!


So there are our favorite Raspberry Pi projects from November 2023.

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